Summer Camp Descriptions

  • TRADITIONAL CAMP (Ages 7-14)

    Traditional Camp is perfect for kids who are looking to do a little bit of everything in a non-competitive environment. Traditional campers will enjoy a wide variety of playground games, teambuilding activities, free swim and arts & crafts projects. This camp is highly involved with our popular theme days, when campers are encouraged to dress up to enhance the theme day spirit. Your child’s day will be filled with fun activities that will help them make new friends.

  • SPORTS CAMP (Ages 7-14)

    Our Sports Camp is designed for campers who have lots of energy and love to play many different sports. Campers will spend their day playing fan-favorite sports such as soccer, flag football, and dodgeball. They may also be introduced to some less common sports, such as kickball and speedball. The program is structured so that each child will learn and play a variety of sports each day. Sports campers will also participate in many of our traditional camp activities including theme day games, free swim, teambuilding activities, and more.

  • CUBS CAMP (Ages 4-6)

    Teamworks Cubs Camp is designed with our youngest campers in mind! This program offers age appropriate games, activities, and modified sports in a supportive and encouraging environment. Cubs Camp is a mix of Traditional and Sports Camp geared towards younger campers. This camp maintains a 5:1 camper-to-staff ratio to ensure maximum attention and instruction for these young campers.

    Day Cubs Traditional Camp (ages 4-6) and Half Day Cubs Sports Camp (Ages 5-6) provide younger campers an opportunity to get a taste of summer camp in a shorter program structure. Pick-up is at Noon.

    All Full Day Cubs Campers will have a daily swimming time supervised by our experienced staff members and lifeguards. Your child will need an extra set of clothes, a waterbottle, sunscreen, bathing suit, and towel, as well as a prepared lunch and snack unless you plan to order from Teamworks (for 1/2 day camps: one snack only, no lunch). Campers using the pool must be able to independently change in and out of clothes to have pool time. ALL Campers must also be potty trained.

  • Learn to Play camps are designed for beginners to actively learn the fundamentals of a particular game or sport. Our experienced staff will teach the basic rules, skills, and knowledge needed to help participants not only take a further interest in the sport, but help them to succeed with confidence and prepare for the next level of play.



    Learn to Play Baseball is a camp for beginners and is designed to help each child grow as a baseball player by teaching them the fundamentals of America’s favorite pastime. Each day campers will focus on skills like catching, throwing, fielding, batting, and baserunning. Get your camper ready to catch a fly ball, steal second base, and hit a homerun this summer at Teamworks. A baseball glove is required to participate.


    Learn to Play Basketball is designed for those young players looking to start their basketball career. Your child will learn the basics of the sport, including shooting, passing, dribbling, lay-ups, and blocking. Each day campers will gain confidence with our experienced coaches by participating in small-sided games, practicing defensive and offensive strategies, and scoring points. This camp takes place on our Outdoor basketball court!


    The goal of this camp is to introduce beginning skaters to the fundamentals of skateboarding in a safe and fun environment. Participants will learn the basics of how to push, turn, and stop. Skaters will also be introduced to carving techniques, rolling into transitions, and pumping. Your child will have fun and gain confidence in both themselves and their skills. Full Equipment is needed to participate. No prior experience required.


    Our Learn to Play Soccer Camp is perfect for a child who is interested in learning the basics of soccer. Our experienced soccer coaches will use drills and fun games to teach your child all about the sport and give them an appropriate introduction to playing. At the end of each day the coaches will guide the kids through scrimmages to let them use the new skills they’ve learned in a real game atmosphere.


    Our Learn to Play Flag Football Camp is geared towards the camper who has never played, but is eager to learn. Coaches will lead campers through fun games, drills, and conditioning activities that will give them a better understanding of how to play football. Each day the coaches will teach the basics of a new position and at the end of the week, the students will play in our popular Teamworks Superbowl!


    Learn to Play Lacrosse Camp introduces beginners to the skills they will need to play lacrosse. This camp will teach campers cradling, shooting, catching, and throwing. They will also learn the basics of individual offense, defense, and game play situations. Your future Lacrosse player will have fun and gain new knowledge while building confidence to elevate their game to the next level of play. Only a stick is needed to participate.

  • FC STARS SOCCER CAMP (Ages 7-12)

    The FC Stars Soccer Camp is designed to help make your son or daughter a better soccer player. Whether your child is an intermediate or advanced player, this program will help improve his or her skills through individual technical development and small-sided games. Coached by FC Stars of Mass.

  • FLAG FOOTBALL CAMP (Ages 8-14)

    It’s always football season at Teamworks. Each day campers will learn and improve upon the fundamentals of the game, such as passing, catching, positioning, special teams, defense, and more. Football Camp will work on skills and drills in the morning and incorporate these skills through games and scrimmages in the afternoons. Football Camp ends the week with a huge Super Bowl game on Friday afternoon. Parents are welcome and encouraged to come and watch.


    Kick that winning spirit into high gear with our Cheerleading Camp! Campers will receive hands-on training and experience with many different cheers, stunts, tumbling techniques, and dance moves. Cheerleaders will also learn and perform a half-time routine during our Flag Football Camp’s “Super Bowl” (parents are welcome to come watch). Cheerleaders of all levels are welcome, but spirit and smiles are a must!

  • BASKETBALL CAMP (Ages 8-14)

    Teamworks Basketball Camp will help your child become a better basketball player, while they learn about the game and have fun. Basketball camp will concentrate on developing skills such as passing, dribbling, and shooting, in addition to offensive team play and defense. This camp is full of small scrimmages and contests to show off your new B-Ball skills. This camp takes place on our outdoor basketball court!

  • PARKOUR CAMP (Ages 8-14)

    As an up and coming sport, Parkour has generated a lot of interest with kids of all ages. Our highly skilled, experienced coaches will help your child improve their agility and strength, help build their confidence, and teach them to move in a quicker, more efficient way. In a safe, structured environment, your child will tumble, roll, twist, jump, vault, climb, and more.

  • WIFFLEBALL (Ages 7-12)

    Everyone’s favorite backyard game comes to Teamworks! Participants will learn the basic fundamentals of the game (e.g. rules, catching, throwing, and hitting.) This NEW camp is open to all levels and includes daily games and culminates with a home run derby.


    Skateboarding Camp is designed to help strengthen and develop all skills of the sport. Experienced staff will offer instruction and coaching, while giving campers a unique opportunity to safely refresh fundamental skills, skater safety, tricks and maneuvers, as well as skater etiquette. Remember parents, this is an extreme sport and campers will be trying some thrilling tricks! Full equipment is needed to participate. This camp takes place outside.


    Outdoors Adventures Camp is designed for children who want to play outside, go exploring, and challenge themselves while having fun. Each day campers will test themselves in various activities, including ropes course challenges, teambuilding activities, local hiking, fishing, and more. Our experienced and well trained staff will help your child confront their fears and develop the confidence to overcome them.


    Lacrosse Camp is designed for campers looking to sharpen and develop their skills in all aspects of the game. Our experienced staff will work on passing, catching, cradling, shooting, and more. Players will use the skills worked on in the mornings and incorporate them into smaller team games and scrimmages in the afternoon.

  • SOFTBALL CAMP (Ages 7-12)

    Girls’ softball campers learn the fundamental skills, techniques and strategies needed to become a successful softball player in this specialty camp. Participants will have the opportunities to develop fielding, throwing, base running, catching, and hitting skills. A glove is needed to participate.

  • VOLLEYBALL CAMP (Ages 8-14)

    This specialty camp will teach your child the fundamentals of volleyball while placing an emphasis on sportsmanship, strategy, and teamwork. This camp will concentrate on developing skills such as passing, setting, serving, offense, spiking, and defense.

  • TURF WARS CAMP (Ages 8-12)

    Get ready for battle during Turf Wars! Turf Wars involves NERF™ guns, foam darts, and simulated games. Campers come together to shoot each other safely and play games through different game modes that push different challenges on the players. Cooperation and tactics are key in order to win. (Participant must bring own NERF™ equipment).

  • DODGEBALL CAMP (Ages 7-12)

    Each day Dodgeball Camp enthusiasts will be ducking, dodging, throwing, and having fun in a safe, controlled environment. In addition to playing classic dodgeball games on our turf fields, your child will have the opportunity to enjoy our extremely popular Gaga Pit. Join us in the adventure of learning dodgeball games from the past, and help us invent the dodgeball games of the future!

  • GALAXY CAMP (Ages 4-8)

    Space explorers report to your rocket ship for duty! Get excited to take a trip through the Milky Way! Campers will go from planet to planet playing outer space games, making arts and crafts that are out of this world, and protecting humanity. Grab your laser swords and help us save the universe!

  • THEATER CAMP (Ages 7-14)

    Our Theater Camp will be returning for another summer of singing, dancing, and creativity. Throughout the week the kids will participate in various workshops to help them develop their acting and improvisation skills. In addition, children will learn about the preparation that goes into creating a show through activities such as creating scenery and props. Their hard work throughout the week will be showcased on Friday, with a performance involving everyone registered for the camp. So, let’s lace up our acting shoes, get into character, and hop into the spotlight!

  • SUPER HERO CAMP (Ages 4-8)

    Super Hero Camp is back by popular demand. We need all super heroes to grab their capes and masks and get ready to save the day! Campers will play a variety of superhero games, create super powers with arts and crafts projects, and capture evil villains all morning.

  • PRINCESS CAMP (Ages 4-8)

    We're inviting all Princesses to join us in the Teamworks Kingdom! Gather your gowns and tiaras and get ready to have a royal time. Princesses will play fairy tale games, host tea parties, imagine “Once Upon a Time”, and find a kingdom to rule.

  • ARTS & CRAFTS CAMP (Ages 5-12)

    Each day campers will focus on a different skill including drawing, painting & crafts. Each activity will be led by our experienced Arts N’ Crafts director. At the end of the week, campers will showcase their hard work in a Teamworks Art show. Grab your paint brushes and smocks and join us for a fun, new camp!


    Teamworks will once again be offering our training program for inspired young adults interested in being future camp counselors, educators, or leaders. This program will equip CITs with leadership skills and knowledge they will use for the rest of their lives. In a safe and friendly environment, Teamworks will provide young adults with the opportunity to develop problem solving skills, understand accountability and responsibility, work together as a team, and most importantly, give them real life work experience. CITs will be involved in educational workshops, seminars, and activities in the morning, and will be assigned camps to join in the afternoon to help our senior staff.

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