School Programs

We’re offering two programs this fall for families with kids in grades K-6 who will be doing remote learning. All programs will follow childcare guidelines set forth by the state, as well as Teamwork’s Return To Play “Safely” guidelines.

To view our safety guidelines, click here

  • Remote Learning Program (8am-4pm)

    This program is designed for families that are looking for a safe place for their child(ren) to do their remote learning. Children will spend their days doing supervised school work and their online classes, while also enjoying scheduled activities & games during breaks. Note: Students must bring their own laptops, school supplies, & learning plans)

    S1: September-December (paid weekly)

    2 Days: $150/ week
    3 Days: $225/week

  • Teamworks Recess Program (1pm-4pm)

    This 3-hour program is for families that are doing remote learning at home, but are still looking for an activity where their child(ren) can socialize, get some exercise and have FUN! Each day, children will enjoy different activities and games.

    S1: September-December (paid weekly)

    2 Days: $90/ week
    3 Days: $135/week
    (Ask about single days!

Note: All campers are required to have a Teamworks Membership & completed paperwork prior to attending camp.
To register for either program, please contact the program director by filling out the form in the link below.

“Teamworks is amazing!...This year with COVID we were so afraid our kids wouldn’t be able to go to camp. But they are definitely the example for ensuring the kids safety, while still having so much fun! We are so impressed on how serious they took the safety of the kids into account while ensuring they still get to be kids. Schools should definitely look into what they are doing! To see kids being kids and having fun again is priceless!”

-Michelle L. (2020 Teamworks Camp Parent)
This program must comply with the regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) and be licensed by the local board of health. MDPH provides information about Meningococcal Disease through Meningococcal Disease and Camp Attendees: Commonly Asked Questions (updated March 2018). Also, Teamworks will maintain all records relating to participants, staff, & volunteers for a minimum of 3 years.
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